The murphy diagram dungeon
1945 to 1949

A98, B95 & B97 table models

SAD94 in Bakelite cabinet
The 1945 Murphy range.
The B95 table model released ? price £15 10s. 0d.
The B97 table model released July price £15 17s. 6d.
The A98 table model released July price £18 15s. 0d.
The SAD94L table model released November price £12 15s. 0d.
The SAD94S table model released July price £12 15s. 0d.


The '102R radiogram.

The U102 receiver in Wooden Cabinet.

The U102 console receiver.

The B101 battery receiver.

The A104 baffle receiver.

The U102 receiver in Bakelite Cabinet.
The V86CA television receiver.

The V114 television receiver.
The 1946 Murphy range.
The B101 was announced in March price £16 10s. 0d. + £3 13s. 3d. purchase tax.
The U102 was released in February price £16 10s. 0d. + £3 13s. 3d. purchase tax.
Initial supplies of the U102 used the wooden cabinet as production of the Bakelite cabinet was delayed.
The U102C was price £27 + £6 purchase tax.
The A102R radiogram was released in October price £40 + £8 17s. 9d. purchase tax.
The B.B.C. re-started television broadcasting in June of this year. Murphy's new Television receiver (V114) would not be ready for production until October…
As a stop-gap measure Murphy released a television model V86CA based on their pre-war model V86C. The distribution of this model was to be limited to
one per Murphy Dealer within the Television service area. They were to use the V86CA for demonstration purposes and dealers were discouraged from actually selling them…
  • The V86CA was released in June price £67 + £15 12s. 8d. purchase tax.
  • The Murphy V86CA, 12" console television. 1432k.
The V114 television was announced in September and released the following month price £54 + £12 12s. 0d. purchase tax.


The A122 baffle receiver.

The A122C console receiver.

The B119 economy battery table receiver.
The A100 'midget' table model.

The A104R radiogram.
The 1947 Murphy range.
The A100 midget table model released in January price £14 13s. 4d. (inclusive).
The A122 table model was released in June price £26 17s. 9d. (inclusive).
The A122C console model was released the following month price £33 12s. 3d. (inclusive).
Note: the console model isn't classed as a 'baffle' receiver…
The B119 battery table receiver released in February price £13 8s. 11d.
The U102R radiogram released in March price £55 0s. 0d.
The A104R radiogram released in April price £91 13s. 4d.
The U102A revised version of the U102 released in September price £20 3s. 4d.

The Murphy '124 baffle mains receiver.

The Murphy '128 shortwave special receiver.
The Murphy 1948 range.
Released in July the A124 cost £20 3s. 4d. (inclusive).
The U124 cost £20 12s. 6d. (inclusive).
The '128 released in January price £41 6s. 8d.
The A100F revised version of the A100, released in July price £15 7s. 9d.

The Murphy U144 portable mains receiver.

The Murphy '130 baffle mains receivers.

The Murphy B143 battery portable receiver.

The Murphy A138 deluxe radiogram.

The Murphy B141 table battery receiver.

The Murphy A146C baffle console receiver.

The Murphy A122M.
Revised version of the A122 baffle.
The Murphy 1949 range.
The A130 & U130 were priced £21 4s. 9d. (inclusive).
The A130 was released in June. The U130 was released in September.
U144 released in August price £14 1s. 1d. (inclusive).
B143 released in December price £17 15s. 0d.(batteries not included).
The first Murphy battery portable receiver to be released after the war…
A138R released in April price £92 8s. 11d.(A serious piece of kit!).
B141 released in January price £21 4s. 9d.(probably not including batteries).
A122M released in January price £26 17s. 9d.
A146C released in September price £35 0s. 0d.(The first baffle console).

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