Kiwi murphys

I don't know a great deal about these sets! Unsurprisingly, Few turn up in the UK. Some of the pictures here were taken from the New Zealand online auction website Trademe. I wasn't able to contact all the Trademe sellers whose pictures I've used - I hope you don't mind me using your photos! The service information was provided by Arthur Williams of Invercargill. I hope to be able to add to this selection as time permits. As always, your pictures would be most welcome.

The Murphy MD54 mantel receiver.

The Murphy CM77 battery mantel receiver.

The Murphy P83 transistor portable.
The Murphy P71 transistor portable.
  • The MD54 'Minx' uses the same cabinet as the UK model U598. However, it is for use with AC mains only.
    The chassis has been widened at the front to allow for the two extra controls. The dial is plastic.
    It seems that in New Zealand radios are kept on the mantel, not the table! The radios have model names too!
    The date given on the diagram is June 1959, the U598 would have been discontinued by then.
    The Murphy MD54, 'Minx' two waveband (Medium & Short waves) AC only mantel model. 299k.
  • The CM77 uses the same cabinet as the U512. This version is a single waveband transistor mantel model.
    I've produced the circuit diagram for the Murphy CM77 by cutting & pasting
    from the P83 circuit - the two sets appear to use the same printed circuit board.
    I can only guess that this model dates from late 1961 (presumably after the U512 ceased production).
  • Quite unlike any UK Murphy! The 'Sportsman' is a Medium wave only, 8 transistor radio.
    The Murphy P83, 'Sportsman' 8 transistor portable. 252k.
  • Another radio in the 'handbag' style.
    The Murphy P71, 7 transistor portable. 333k.

Some pictures of Murphys with strangely mutated A252 cabinets.

The Murphy M66 mantel receiver.

The Murphy MB302 mantel receiver.

The Murphy M401 'Minstrel' mantel receiver?
The Murphy MA75 'New Metropolitan' mantel receiver.
  • The Murphy M401, 'Minstrel' single waveband AC mantel model. 275k.
  • The Murphy MA75, 'New Metropolitan' 4 waveband AC mantel model. 453k.

Some more Murphy diagrams but alas, no matching pictures.

  • The Murphy G402, 'Melodeon 7' single waveband AC radiogram. 321k.
  • The Murphy G403, 'Melodist 6' single waveband AC radiogram. 258k.
  • The Murphy P87, 'Olympic' 8 transistor portable. 366k.

And finally...

P62 personal portable model.

The Murphy M101 'Magna'.
This model was available in Maroon,
Maroon with Cream painted front or Ivory.

Inside the P62.
This radio bears an uncanny resemblance
to one made by Toshiba!
  • The Murphy M101, 'Magna' single waveband AC mantel model. 1377k.

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