The murphy diagram dungeon
Murphy Radio only supplied service information to its authorised dealers. Consequently service manuals may be difficult for collectors to obtain. Eventually the firm had to relax this attitude; during the War there were few new radios to be bought, and many Murphy Dealers had been called up for National Service. Therefore the most popular Murphy sets were submitted to 'The Wireless & Electrical Trader' magazine for inclusion in their ever popular 'Trader Sheets'. These are an invaluable source of service information for many, many radios and televisions. If you would like a set of 'Trader Sheets' why not join the British Vintage Wireless Society? As a part of your membership you will get two CDROMs containing the Trader Sheets in handy electronic form. It's worth joining for this alone! Right, that's the end of the advertisement...
The object of the Diagram Dungeon is to publish as many Murphy circuit diagrams (and eventually, full service information) as I can obtain.

The information is indexed according to year and model number. If you know the year of manufacture (or think you do) then go straight for that. If not there is a second list of model numbers (in vaguely numerical order). If you just want to browse and look at the pretty pictures (there's a thumbnail of each set) start at the 30s and work your way along…

diagram dungeon year selector
1930 1931 1932 1933 1934 1935 1936 1937 1938 1939
1940 1941 1942 1943 1944 1945 1946 1947 1948 1949
1950 1951 1952 1953 1954 1955 1956 1957 1958 1959
1960 1961 1962              

diagram dungeon model selector
A3 A3A A4 B4 D4 B5 A8 B23
A24/C A24RG B24 D24/C D24RG B25 A26/C/RG D26/C/RG
B27 A28C/RG D28C/RG A30/C/RG D30/C/RG B31 AD32 B33
A34/RG D34/RG A36 D36 A38C D38C A40C/RG B45
A46/C/RG B47/C D46/C/RG A48/RG D48/RG A50/C D50/C A52
A56/A58V B69 A70/C/RG D70/C/RG B71/A A72/RG D72 A74/C
A76 A78C/RG P80/RA80 B81 V84 V86CA B89 A90/C/RG
D90/RG B91 A92 B93 AD94 SAD94L SAD94S B95
A96 Civilian wartime Receivers B97 A98 A100 A100F
B101 U102/C A/U102R U102A A104 A104R V114 B119
A122/C A122M A124 U124 A128 U128 A130 U130
A138R B141 B143 U144 A146C A146CM B165 A168
U168 A168M U168M A170 A172R A182 A182R U182
U182R BU183/A/M A186 A188C A192 A192T U198H/M A212
U212 BA228 B229 A242 A242R U242 A252 A262
A262R A272/C B283 A316G A316R A362 A362T A372
B383 B385 A426G/A1 U472 A474 A482 B483 A484
B485 A492R B493 A494SR B495 A496SR U502 U504
U506 A512R U512 A514R A526G/A2 U572 A574 B581
U582 B583 B585 A592R U598 U602 U604 B605
U612 A674 A674SR A682SR A684 A692SR U698 U702
U704 MR750 TR1          
That's an awful lot of Murphys but I don't see my set…

Dave Grant
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