The Best of Murphy Cabinet Design 1930 to 1950
2007 proved a busy year for the Murphy Radio website. Fortunate purchases on eBay yielded a bumper crop of service information for export models some of which has been scanned and made available in the ‘Export Dungeon’ (more to come!). There’s also been a significant increase in the ‘Murphybilia’ section – I got in my car and paid a couple of visits to fellow ‘Murphy Madman’ Mike Barker and made use of some of his extensive collection.
With all this in mind I hope that you will forgive me for holding the following gem over to the New Year…
In March 2007 I was contacted by Nigel Reeve – ‘would I like to host his father’s e-book?’ – well that’s an offer I don’t get every day, especially as Nigel’s father was James Reeve one of Murphy Radio’s cabinet designers (A484, U506, A592R etc.) so it goes without saying that I’m only too happy to oblige.
At just under 10Mb this is quite a large document, but it's worth it! In due course there will be additions and we may just have to write a companion volume covering the work of Messrs. Thwaite, Ogle & of course Reeve!
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