Export Murphy-bilia from 1949 onwards

The export range 1949/50. You may notice that there are some pages missing.
I assume that they would have covered the 154 & 156 models.

Catalogue for the 1949/50 range. 3870k

The TA152 & TU152 were released in 1949.

TA/TU152 sales leaflet. 768k

The Murphy TA156 & TU156 were released in 1949.

TA156/TU156 sales leaflet. 659k

The Murphy TA160 & TU160 were released in 1952.

TA160/TU160 sales leaflet. 632k

The Murphy TA192, TA192L & TU192 were released in 1952.
I suspect that the Arabic(?) script was overprinted.

TA192, TA192L & TU192 sales leaflet. 576k

The TU198 was released in 1953.

TU198 sales leaflet. 582k

The Murphy TB199 was released in 1953.

TB199 sales leaflet. 549k

The TB221 was released ?

TB221 sales leaflet. 525k

The Murphy TA222/TU222 were released in 1953.

TA222 sales leaflet. 556k

The Murphy TA224R radiogram was released in 1954.

TA224R sales leaflet. 575k

The TA226 was released in 1954.

TA226 sales leaflet. 781k

The Murphy TAB228 was released in 1954?

TBA228 sales leaflet. 648k

The Murphy TA236/TU236 were released in?
Note that the radio pictured in the leaflet is a TB237 - the 236 has a round magic-eye!

TA236 sales leaflet. 726k

The Murphy TB237 was released in ?

TB237 sales leaflet. 672k

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