After a while collecting old radios and televisions, you will find there's a whole world of possibility collecting associated goodies. There are of course the service manuals – these are invaluable to any serious restorer/collector but may be hard to come by (if you need Murphy service information drop me an e-mail, I've a useful selection). The material I've christened 'Murphy-bilia' is mainly sales literature and operators handbooks.

In this section I present a selection of such material that I've collected over the years. WARNING: All the images in this section are quite large, they are intended to be printed, not viewed. N.B. Don't just press the print button on your web browser. When have you ever known that to reproduce a web-page exactly? No, save the files to your hard-disk and print them using a graphics program. You won't be disappointed. All the main images are scanned at 100dpi (or greater) resolution.

Some adverts for B4 & A3 models from contemporary Magazines.
Frank Murphy with his pipe…
Get your free copy of "Making Wireless Simple".

Advertisements. 833k

1932 Sales leaflet for B4 & A3A models.

Sales leaflet. 899k

The Murphy catalogue for 1933.
This catalogue cover the A4, D4, B5 & A8.

Catalogue for the 1933 range. 678k

Two Murphy catalogues for 1934.
Frank Murphy with his inevitable pipe…
These catlogues cover A24,D24 & B24.

Lefthand Catalogue. 1229k
Righthand Catalogue. 1462k

A free wavelength chart provided by Your Murphy Dealer,
"Swallow's of Richmond" (that's Richmond North Yorkshire).
It covers the '24 range of receivers so dates from 1934/5.

Cover. 26k
Inside. 177k

The Murphy catalogue for 1935.
This catalogue covers the complete range of '26' models – including B25.

Front. 302k
Back. 283k

The Murphy A28C. Another technological 'tour de force' from the fine engineers of Welwyn Garden City.
This was the first British radio to be fitted with Automatic Tuning Correction (A.T.C. though better known as A.F.C. these days).
It was also the first Murphy with station names on the tuning scale.
A.T.C. allowed the user to simply tune the radio somehwere close to the desired station - the radio would do the job of fine tuning itself.
In this form, A.T.C. can't be said to have been a success (though it is great fun to use!),
the only other comparable radio was the A28's successor the A40.
A.T.C. did however, come into its own a few years later with the advent of motorised tuning.

Foldout leaflet for the 28 deluxe console receiver. 2459k

Some Dealer price display cards from 1936.

A30RG Display card. 185k
B23 Display card. 207k

A nice catalogue covering the 1937 range of radios.
Models covered:-
  • Battery Models: B31, & B33
  • AC Mains Models: A34, A34RG, A36, A38C
  • AC/DC Models: AD32, D34, D34RG, D36, D38C

1937 Catalogue. 3573k

Frank Murphy left the company in 1937 – E.J.Power was the man in charge – so there's not a pipe to be seen in this leaflet.
Models covered:-
  • Battery Models: B45, B47(A) & B47C
  • AC Mains Models: A46, A46C, A46RG, A48, A48RG, A50, A50C, A52, A40C & A40RG
  • AC/DC Models: D46, D46C, D46RG, D48(A), D48RG, D50 & D50C
  • Televisions: A42V & A56V
Front. 491k
Back. 647k

The consumer electronics was as faddy in 1938 as it is today.
The big idea then was 'Push Buttons'.
This booklet was written by E.J.Power to dispel a common belief that a set was, by definition, good if it had those buttons.
And, if you were interested in how a good push button model should be made, you might be interested in the Murphy A52!

Front. 357k
Back. 260k

A nice catalogue covering most of the 1938 range of radios.
Models covered:-
  • Battery Models: B45, B47(A) & B47C
  • AC Mains Models: A46, A46C, A46RG, A48, A48RG, A50, A50C, A40C & A40RG
  • AC/DC Models: D46, D46C, D46RG, D48(A), D48RG, D50 & D50C
1938 Catalogue. 5086k

An enormous poster to help Murphy dealers determine the trade-in value of old Murphys...
It looks good on the wall too!

Murphy History Poster. 2010k

A rather nice pamphlet covering the 70 & 72 range.
Trust Your Murphy Dealer - he isn't in it for the money, honest!

Front. 201k
Rear. 235k

There's no mention of the A78 or that years televisions.
If you were wondering about the 'A' suffix on certain models in the 1938 and 1939 ranges you may like to know that these were equipped with an extra waveband to receive 'Trawler Band'. Very useful if you lived in coastal areas, but there's precious little to pick up on this band inshore! Models covered:-
  • Battery Models: B69 & B71(A)
  • AC Mains Models: A70, A70C, A70RG, A72 & A72RG
  • AC/DC Models: D70, D70C, D70RG, D72(A)
  • Remote Control/Push Button units: P80, RA80
The Push button unit could be fitted to all models except B69 & B71A.
The Remote control unit could be fitted to any AC model.

1939 Murphy catalogue. 3113k

The B81 portable receiver. Released in May 1939 price £8 15s. 0d.
An ideal companion for those boring times in the air-raid shelter...

B81 Sales leaflet. 526k

A catalogue from early 1940 covering the B81 portable, B89 & '90 table models.

1940 Sales brochure. 1145k

What Murphy is doing to help the War Effort...
A catalogue from 1940 covering the B89, '90 table & radiogram models, B91 & A92.

1940 Sales Brochure. 1047k

A selection of adverts dating from the 1940's.

Selection of Murphy Adverts. 1775k

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