If you've made it this far you're well on the way to being a true Murphy-Maniac. Here's a collection of Television brochures…

The Murphy A42V. The first comercially available Murphy television.
Announced in the June 1937 issue of 'Murphy News' - price unstated (if you had to ask...).

A42V Sales brochure. 602k

The Murphy Television range for 1938
Featuring A56V, A58V & A42V. Unfortunately this is missing the back page.

1938 Television brochure. 988k

The Murphy V114. The first new Television made after the War.
The price was £54 plus purchase tax – another 12 Guineas!
I swear these sets are made from redundant Tanks/Battleships.
This catalogue kindly provided by Phil Marrison.

Outside. 221k
Inside. 313k

The Murphy V118C was released in June of 1949 price £98/13/4
(£80/0/0 + £18/13/4 purchase tax. Pounds shillings and pence
now that's what I call real money). Revised version of the V116 of 1947.
This catalogue kindly provide by George Windsor. If you have any 'Murphy-bilia'
to share with your fellow 'Murphy-Maniacs', don't be shy!
No suitable contributions will be refused!

Outside. 293k
Inside. 219k

The Murphy V120C. released in September 1949.
The price was £71 10s. 8d. inclusive.

V120C Sales brochure. 750k

The Murphy V176C. First shown at Radiolympia 1949.
It wasn't available to buy until April of 1950.
The price was £120 plus purchase tax – another £28!
You got a lot of television for your money…

Front. 440k
Back. 411k

The Murphy V178C was released in August of 1950 price £104
(£84/6/6 + £19/13/6 purchase tax). A bit of an experimental model,
this set was the first to employ an oil filled line output transformer; this
became standard in most subsequent Murphy televisions.

Front. 186k
Back. 172k

The Murphy V180C released March/April of 1950 price £75
(£60/16/3 + £14/3/9 purchase tax).
The yellow background has been added by myself to show that this brochure
was cut to be television shaped!

Front. 164k
Back. 189k

The Murphy V150 was released in December of 1949 price £54
(£43/15/8 + £10/4/4 purchase tax). Their cheapest television
(after the war) used 'Universal' techniques to lower the price and to
make a smaller set. The true 'universal' version – the VU150 – wasn't
released until October of 1950 price £55/10/0.

Front. 133k
Back. 119k

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