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The Murphy 1945 Range of Radios for use overseas. Featuring:-
  • Radios: TA92,SAD94S & SA98
Quite an extravagant catalogue! The coloured text captions above the chassis
drawings were printed on a clear film which could be moved aside to appreciate
the 'works' in all their glory...

1945 Export catalogue. 5187k

Murphy 102 Radios.
The U102C console radio released in ? of 1946 price £33 0s. 0d.
The A102R radiogram was released in October of 1946 price £48 17s. 9d.
The U102R radiogram was released in March of 1947 price £55 0s. 0d.
The price of the A102R radiogram was increased in April of 1947 to £51 6s. 8d.

Cover of the U102C brochure. 192k
Inside of the U102C brochure. 229k
Cover of the 102R brochure. 142k
Inside of the 102R brochure. 207k

The Murphy 'Stationmaster' TA92 was initially released in 1945.
This was the first Murphy to be offered with 'Full Tropical Specification'.
Whilst this model was primarily meant for export, it was subsequently made
available for domestic sale in 1947.
The price for both TA92 & TU92 was £25 plus purchase tax - making a grand total of £30 11s. 2d.
This model may easily be distinguished from its predecessor, the A92, by the tuning scale.
The A92 (and XA92!) has a small map of the world in the bottom left corner the TA92 does not.

Cover of the TA92 brochure. 523k
Inside of the TA92 brochure. 427k

The B119 receiver was released in February of 1947 price £13 8s. 11d.
This is one of a small hoard of 'Murphybilia' on loan from Paul King.
Should keep me busy for some time!

Cover. 170k
Inside. 163k
B119 advert. 399k

The A104R radiogram was released in April of 1947 price £91 13s. 4d.

Cover. 233k
Inside. 162k

Advert for the A100, taken from 'Illustrated' magazine
dated 17th May 1947. Advert for the A100F from 1948.

A100 Advert. 133k
A100F Advert. 282k

The A122C receiver was released in July of 1947 price £33 12s. 3d.

Advert for the A122C. 352k
Cover. 201k
Inside. 188k

The A128 & U128 receivers were released in January 1948 price £41 6s. 8d.
The price seems to have been reduced by the time this brochure was issued!

Cover. 263k
Inside. 243k

The 124 table model was released in July 1948.
A124 for AC Mains operation price £20 3s. 4d.
U124 for AC or DC Mains operation price £20 12s. 6d.

Cover. 437k
Inside. 362k

The A122M table model released in January 1949 price £26 17s. 9d.

A122M sales brochure. 689k

An advert for Murphy - with the B40 naval communications receiver in mind.

1949 Murphy advert. 265k

Two sales brochures for the Murphy A138R deluxe radiogram.
The A138R radiogram was released in April 1949 price £92 8s. 11d.

Sales brochure for A138R (left). 251k
Sales brochure for A138R (right). 943k

The Murphy U144 mains portable.
Released in August 1949 price 14 1s. 1d.

Front. 145k
Back. 182k

The Murphy range for 1949. Featuring:-
  • Radios: 130, A138R & U144
Cover of the 1949 Catalogue. 209k
Inside of the 1949 Catalogue. 474k

This article, published in the November 1949 issue of 'Art and Industry', was written by
Charles Rupert Casson on the subject of 'Murphy Advertising'.
Mr.Casson had long been associated with Murphy Radio and Frank Murphy before that...

Art & Industry article. 1274k

The A146C baffle console was released in
Septemebr 1949 price £35 0s. 0d.
Can we do you a good deal on Hired Purchase?

Cover of the A146C brochure. 254k
Inside of the A146C brochure. 325k
Advert for A146C. 404k

The Murphy B143 battery portable. Murphy's first battery portable to be made after the war.
This was the first cabinet design by David Ogle (best known for the Bush MB60/TR82/VTR103).
The B143 was announced in December 1949 price £17 15s. 0d. (batteries not included).

Front. 180k
Inside. 208k

The Murphy A170 mains table receiver.
Released in April 1950 price £39 0s. 0d.

Cover of the A170 brochure. 273k
Inside the A170 brochure. 271k

Two Adverts for Murphy 168 mains table receivers.

'with every murphy set'. 272k
'a rather rare bird'. 301k

  Murphy 168 Table radio receivers announced in June 1950 Price £23.
Murphy 168M Table receivers anounced in April 1951 Price £30.
The price of the 16M was reduced in March 1952 to £26 10s. 0d.

Cover of the A168 leaflet. 609k
Inside of the 168M leaflet. 583k


The Murphy A172R Deluxe Radiogram.
The A172R was announced in September 1950 price £115 0s. 0d.
The price had gone up by the time this brochure was printed...
This brochure folds in three. Down the centre and two short wings
corresponding to the open up doors of the gram on the inside.

Front. 481k
Inside. 444k

The Murphy range for 1950. Featuring:-
  • Radios: B143, U144, A146CM, B165, 168, A170 & A172R
  • Televisions: V150, V176C, V178C & V180C
1950 Murphy catalogue. 1054k

The Murphy A186 deluxe table baffle receiver.
A186 sales leaflet. 782k

The Murphy range for 1951. Featuring:-
  • Radios: U144, 168M, A186, A188C & A172R
  • Televisions: VU150, V200 & V202C
Front. 307k
Back. 247k

The Murphy BU183 Mains/Battery Portable Radio.
The BU183 was announced in August 1952 price £19 15s. 0d.
The price had gone down by the time this brochure was printed.
This model and variants were listed as current models until December 1958!

Front. 246k
Inside. 268k

The Murphy range for 1952. Featuring:-
  • Radios: U144, 168M, 182, BU183, A186, A188C & A172R
  • Televisions: VU150, V200A, VU200A, V202CA, V204 & V204C

1952 Murphy catalogue. 698k

The Murphy A182R Radiogram released in November 1952 price £78 10s. 0d.

Cover of the A182R brochure. 361k
Inside the A182R brochure. 386k

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