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The B197 was released in September 1952 price £19 5s. 0d.
This is an Irish Murphy so that's Punt not Sterling...
The same cabinet was used for the Irish version of the A182.
There's a small typo in this leaflet, the valve lineup should read TP25, VP23, HL23DD and QP25.

Cover of the B197 brochure. 170k
Inside of the B197 brochure. 218k

The Murphy A192 was released in March 1953 price £17 10s. 0d.

Cover. 164k
Inside. 137k

The Murphy range for 1953. Featuring:-
  • Radios: U144, BU183, A192, 182, A186, A188C & A182R
  • Televisions: V210, VU210, V210C, VU210C, V214 & V216C

1953 Radio & Television catalogue. 557k

The Murphy Radio range for 1953. Featuring:-
  • Radios: U144, BU183, A192, 182, A186, A188C, A182R & A172R
Cover. 369k
Inside. 324k

The 1954 Murphy range in Ireland.
Featuring the A182, A192, B197, A218 & A218R.
Also available (but not shown), U144 £21 and BU183 £22 10s.

Front. 287k
Back. 328k

The U198H was released in March 1954 price £13 10s. 0d.

Cover. 173k
Inside. 136k

The 212 was released in May 1954 price £25.

Sales brochure for A212 & U212. 825k

The Murphy BA228 & B229 released September 1954.
Price BA228 £23 0s. 0d.
Price B229 £19 15s. 0d.

Front. 140k
Back. 201k

The 1954 range of radios - just after the release of the BA228 but before the 242

Cover. 981k
Inside. 847k

A Murphy leaflet from the 1954 Radio Show (24th August to 4th September).
The VHF radios (A242 & A242R) were not avaliable until the following year.
Cover of the 1954 Radio Show leaflet. 1038k
Inside of the 1954 Radio Show leaflet. 1044k

The Murphy '242 receivers - Murphy's first receiver with VHF/FM band.
A242 released February 1955 price £35.
U242 released June 1955 price £38 17s. 0d.
A242R released March 1955 price £113.

Cover of the 242 brochure. 161k
Inside of the 242 brochure. 156k
A242R Sales brochure. 1068k

  As chance would have it the February 1955 issue of the 'Murphy News' where the A242 was announced also included this Obituary for Frank Murphy the 'Man with the pipe'. These web pages are partly dedicated to his memory, but above all to the company that bore his name…  

The Murphy A262 released July 1955.
Price A262 £31 0s. 0d.

A262 Sales brochure. 807k

Murphy catalogue from the 1955 National Radio Exhibition (Aug.23 to Sep.3).
  • Radios: BU183, U198H, BA228, B229, 242, A262, A362 & A242R
  • Televisions: V240(A), V240C, V250(A), V250C(A) & V250AD
Not shown but still available U144M, A192(T), 212 & V210 range.
Also the brand new V230 portable television was first demonstrated at the exhibition!

1955 Exhibition brochure. 1433k

The Murphy A252 released November 1956 price £36 15s.
Revised & improved version of the A242.

A252 Sales brochure. 597k

Murphy catalogue from 1956.
  • Radios: U198M, BU183M, BA228, B229, A362, A262, A242, A272C, A262R & A242R
  • Televisions: V230, V270(A), V270C, V280(A), V280C(A), V280AD, V300C & V290CA
1956 Murphy Catalogue. 2029k

The Murphy A372 released February 1957 price £23 10s.
Revised & improved vesion of the A362.

A372 Sales brochure. 628k

A little leaflet featuring the range of Murphy Radios for 1957.
  • Featuring:- BU183M, U198M (& U598), BA228, A242R, A252,
    A262R, A272, A272C, B283 (& M281) & A372 (& A362T)

Cover. 208k
Inside. 203k

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