You are not alone…

A Murphy Television is not just for Christmas...
1952 Advert for the V202CA & V204C Console televisions.

V204C advert. 132k

Murphy V210 & V210C Televisions announced in March 1953.
V210 Price £66 10s. neutral filter 15s. 6d. extra.
V210C Price £72 neutral filter 15s. 6d. extra.
Price reduced in May to £61 for V210/VU210 and £ 66 5s. for V210C/VU210C.

Cover of the V210 leaflet. 260k
Inside of the V210 leaflet. 236k
Cover of the V210C leaflet. 269k
Inside of the V210C leaflet. 282k

The Murphy V214 Television announced April 1953 - just in time for the Coronation!
Price £79 (£53/17/3 for the telly plus £25/2/9 for the chancellor).
The chancellor must have been in a good mood as the price fell in May to £72 15s
(£53/17/9 for the telly plus £18/17/3 tax).
For an extra 18s. 6d. you could buy the V214 with neutral filter.
The filter improved contrast by reducing the level of reflections.
The 'fringe' version, V214A was announced in August of 1953 and cost an extra £7.

Front. 189k
Inside. 143k

The Murphy V230 Television released September 1955.
Price £50. (£36/19/5 + £13/0/7 tax).
The first Murphy ‘Portable’ television had no cabinet.
The side covers were made from cardboard!

Front. 163k
Back. 116k

The Murphy V240 Television announced June 1954.
Price £69 15s. (£51/13/4 for the telly plus £18/1/8 for the chancellor).
For an extra 20s. you could buy the V240 with neutral filter.
The 'fringe' version, V240A cost an extra £3 15s.

Cover. 429k
Inside. 339k

Murphy V250 & V250AD Televisions.
V250 released July 1954 Price £81 10s.
V250AD luxury console released August 1954 Price £110.
Also available as V250A for 'fringe' areas; price £85 5s.

Cover of the V250 leaflet. 218k
Inside of the V250 leaflet. 195k
Cover of the V250AD leaflet. 750k
Inside of the V250AD leaflet. 670k

  Murphy V250C Television announced in July 1954 Price £89.
Price increased in November 1955 to £93 12s (due to change in Purchase Tax).

Cover of the V250C leaflet. 375k
Inside of the V250C leaflet. 448k


Murphy V280 & V280C Televisions.
V280 released March 1956 Price £85 10s.
V280C released May 1956 Price £94.
Fringe reception models V280A & V280CA available for £3 extra.
The V280A was released in May & V280CA in June 1956.

Cover of the V280 leaflet. 140k
Inside of the V280 leaflet. 96k
Cover of the V280C leaflet. 431k
Inside of the V280C leaflet. 369k
Addendum for V280CA. 123k

The Murphy range for 1957. Featuring:-
  • Radios: U198M, U598(not shown), BU183M, BA228, B283, A372,
    A262, A252, A272C, A262R & A242R
  • Televisions: V230, V310(A), V310C(A), V310(A)D & V320(A)
The 1957 Radio & Television range. 1410k

The Murphy Television range for 1958. Featuring:-
  • Televisions: V230, V310(A), V310C(A), V310D(A), V320(A),
    V320C(A), V330, V330D, V330F, V340D & V350
The 1958 television range. 1199k

The Murphy range for 1958. Featuring:-
  • Radios: B283, U698, U598, BU183M, A372, U472, A474, A272, A252, A272C, A482, A492R & A242R
  • Gramophone: A316G
  • Televisions: V230, V350, V310(A), V330, V310C(A), V330F, V310D(A), V330D & V340
1958 Murphy catalogue. 2315k

The Murphy range of Radios for 1959. Featuring:-
  • Radios: B383, B385 & B1, U502, U504, U506, U512 & A574
  • Radiograms: A492R, A494SR & S1
Front. 329k
Back. 361k

There's a Murphy television for everybody too...

Front. 361k
Back. 341k

The Entire Murphy range for 1960 in full Glorious Colour! Featuring:-
  • Televisions:V470, V500, V510, V530C, V530D, V480, V490, V520 & V540D
  • Radios: B383, B385 & B1, B483, U502, U504, U506, U512, U572 & A674
  • Amplifier, Gramophone & Tape Recorder: A1, A426G, TR1
  • Radiograms & Loudspeakers: A512R, A494SR & S1, A592R, A692SR & S3
The 1960 Murphy range. 1028k

In the early 1960's Murphy ran a series of adverts for Televisions under the
headline of 'I Look My Best On A Murphy' or 'I Look Even Better On A Murphy'.
For the most part, the subjects pictured were generic but Murphy broke with
tradition and allowed celebrity endorsement.
Celebrities featured included Beryl Reid, Eric Sykes, Jimmy Hill and Sid James.
I'd like to think that the Chimp in the first of the two brochures shown here went on
to achieve fame and stardom with Brooke Bond - but that's probably wishful thinking...
  • Featuring: V470, V480, V490, V500, V510, V520 & V540D
Front. 212k
Back. 195k
The new Murphy Televisions for 1961.
  • Featuring: The Murphy New Nineteen (V519) & V649D
Front. 298k
Back. 265k

This rather Shakespearian character sounds his best on a Murphy radio…
The range of Murphy radios for 1960.

Outside. 1152k
Inside. 1099k

The Murphy range for 1961. Featuring, more stuff than I care to list.
Some items were so new a price wasn't given. I can now reveal those missing figures…
B581 price £12/1/6 (batteries included) plus £2/2/- for case & earpiece.
V659XS price £82/19/- plus £3/3/- for the Ultasonic remote control.
V683XDS price £138/12/-. Remote control as above.
Not pictured was the A496SR radio-gramophone, replacement for the A494SR.
A496SR price £92/8/- plus matching speaker S6 price £17/17/-.

Front. 438k
Back. 439k

The Murphy range for 1962. Still featuring more stuff than I care to list.

May 1962 One Up Catalogue. 2275k

The Murphy range for 1962. A slightly later version than the one above.

August 1962 One Up Catalogue. 2277k

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